Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Miami Marlins Baseball Prediction: May 18th 2013

| May 18, 2013

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Miami Marlins
Baseball Prediction: Miami +145 odds (May 18th 2013)

Ryan gave you a 25* Titan winner ‘UNDER’ in game 5 of this series and now he has his 30* Game of the Year that you can bet on with complete winning confidence. Featured are a 90% and 18-3 ATS game situations you can bank on. This one will look easy by second half.

10* graded baseball prediction on the Miami Marlins as they host the Arizona Diamondbacks in NL action set to start at 7:10 PM ET. The simulator shows a high probability that the Marlines will avenge last night’s loss, which was a 10* loser on the FREE picks pages. Still, I stand at 9-7 on the season with those free pick 10* selections. The record truly does not matter. What does matter is that by playing dogs as graded by my Simulator and supporting fundamental research, those plays have made3.39 units per unit wagered. So, a dime player has made $1,356 off of these plays alone. This number is based on a dime player playing a dime on 25* plays and then playing 2.5 times less that amount to equate to the 10* grading. The wager on the 10* plays would then be $400 The 25* plays in MLB stand at a profit of $11,350 based on the 49 releases this season. The add in the ‘15* Pair of Titans’ cards where each card has TWO DOGS lined at least +140 and higher and the 5* parlays that go with that card and they have made a combined profit of $5,288 wagering $600 on the 15* plays and $200 on the 5* parlays. So, you can readily see that win percentage matters little in my MLB methods and units made mean everything. For Saturday, Play the Marlins as a 10* wager.

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